One of the big questions in fashion are How To Wear Stripes? Stripe or not to stripe at all? Is floral dress cooler than stripes?

Let’s clear up this general misconceptions: No mather the season, stripes will be always in because they are classic and timeless fashion staples.

Take a look any fashion blog or Instagram what do you see? Stripes in variety color and a variety of widths; horizontal,vertical and diagonal.They are fun and must have in your wardrobe.

If you have a fear of looking wider, there is a tip for you. Every women know how important choice of clothes is when it comes to flatter or conceal certain parts of the body. There are many ways to make make imperfection to perfect. Right combination of cloth makes everything great.

Horizontal and vertical stripes have huge differences.When you wear stripes, be sure to know oldest trick to use for figure adjustment.

Horizontal ones make your body look thinner, whereas vertical ones make your body look wider.

If you read or listen fashion experts, they always say plus sized women should avoid horizontal stripes because stripes give the bulk look. Actually this is not right. Horizontal stripes have the oppostive effect to plus sized women which make look taller.

So if you want to conceal any area on your body, wear horizontal stripes. Always pick for horizontal striped tops and vertical ones. The vertical ones make you look wider even if you are not fat. Vertical ones always turn something big. Horizontal ones are the contrary turn something small.

How To Wear Stripes

If you are not ready to embrace stripes clothes, you can use stripes as an accessorize. Add something graphic to your outfit by choosing accessories with stripes such as headband or scarf.

You can pair stripe top with a pair of jeans. This is the easiest one but simple combinations are always stylish and never goes out style. Loose fitting shirt is perfect choice for a curvy body and loose striped tops are perfect for fat in the tummy area.

Stripes are classic so you can add fun with boldy striped dress. There are tons of designs that range from casual to sophisticated, formal to relaxed. You can buy sleeveless striped dress for this perfect spring time and layer it with a blazer, cardigan or shawl.

If you don’t have any idea about how to mix patterns, then stripes are a great way to start it because thy look great with other patterns, like leopard and floral prints. The key is to choosing similar pattern colors.

If you don’t know how to flatter your body with stripes so opt for diagonal stripes.

Do you wear stripes? If you wear how do you complete your look?

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