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In my previous post, I talked about difference between trendy and classic pieces ( You can read from here).  You might think that velvet is not trendy this year. The fact is velvet dresses are classy and timeless and their fabrics make a strong statement.

Velvet dresses often associated with winter and Christmas time but in fact, it must have piece in spring and even in summer time.

Recent years, velvet appears in summer. There is no rules for wearing velvet. You can rock velvet in spring and summer. It is a luxurious  piece of cloth which instantly elevates the look but the styling can be a little bit difficult because of the cut and stretch.

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Tips on Wearing Velvet

If you are going to wear velvet in summer, pick a lightweight fabric and  lighter color of velvet such as lavender, pink or yellow.

Velvet still continues to be a popular choice to wear a night out or party even in the summer. If you want to bright up your velvet dress remember to to go minimal with your make up and hair. For balance the outfit, you can pair it with more delicate fabrics such as silk, lace and satin.

Velvet is usually synonymous with formal occasions, think beyond and try and combine it in an everyday look.

Shoes are important and set the tone for an entire outfit. You can wear in pair of sandals in brown, beige or black matte finish leather. For night out, you can pair it with heeled booties.

If you want to add jewelry to your outfit, avoid glossy and sparkle finishes. Pearls, gold and rhinestone are perfect for stylish look.

You can pair your velvet dress with light or leather jacket for a casual day out look. Fitted blazers are perfect  option for work.

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