Hello Angels,

Wedges are versatile shoes. Every women should have in their wardrobe. They are fashion staple.

Wedge shoes are magical. They add a bit of chic and they are very comfortable as well, unlike sof of those high heels which can really make your feet hurt.

It is perfect shoe for summer. Whether you are out for shopping in the streets or heading to the brunch, you can always complete your look with wedges. It is so versatile so you will never regret about having more than one pair in your wardrobe since you will be able to wear them all day long.

Figure out the best height for you before buy and work on pairing with your outfit.

Perhaps the only problem then is how would you style them? You can wear it almost with any outfit.

Here are the best way to wear these fashion staples.


They look amazing with dress. Make sure your dress isn’t very formal since wedges are casual and look best with casual dresses like maxi dresses or playful dresses.

A sundresses is also an amazing option for casual stylish look. You can wear wedges with them and complete your look with a sun hat.

Wedges also go very well with flare dresses.


Wedges with shorts are perfect combination for summer. Especially the denims are the best combination with wedges.

If your shorts are in a neutral color, choose top and shoes match with the fashionable colors such as rose and gold.


If you want to change up your look and prefer to wear skirt, you can wear wedges with pencil skirts or flare skirts.


An overall is an adorable and comfortable summer outfit. You can complete your look with wedges for feminine and stylish look.


I personally don’t prefer to wear jeans so much in hot summer time but if you love to wear them you can complete your look with wedges. Especially they are amazing with skinny jeans.

Do you prefer wedges? How would you wear them?

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