Hello Angels,

Today I would like to talk about my favorite garment, white jeans. Spring is here and it is a white jeans time.

Denim trends come and go but there is one style that is an absolute essential: white jeans.

White jeans are versatile and fashionable closet staple. You can wear it for brunch, on dates and at work, even you can wear in winter months.


When you buy white jeans, you should pay attention to fabric and quality. Unfortunatly not all jeans are equal. Some of them are see through and doesn’t look chic. White jeans should be chic – not reveal your underwear.

Stick to higher percentage of cotton in your jeans. White jeans should made of 95% and above cotton.

A white jeans should made of thick and high quality denim fabric. This is especially essential for stretch jeans, which are generally made of a thinner denim. That’s mean you should take a time to check out in the light how your back looks in a full lenght mirror.

A few years ago, I bought a white jeans. When I tried in store, it seemed fine. When I wore at outside, my underwear was see through and it was horrible for me. After that experience, I never bought white jeans alone. I always brought someone with me to do a quick check 🙂

I highly recommend do the check in a room with plenty of light and take someone with you to do quick check for you.

Besides opaque fabric, you should also pay attention seam of your underwear This is especially important for stretch denim jeans which are generally made of a thinner denim. So after you wear your white jeans, check yourself  out full lenght mirror and make sure there is no visible underwear lines.

No mather how your white jeans made of thick fabric, always wear nude ( not white) underwear beneath them, to prevent unwanted glimpse.

The fit should be perfect

White is a unforgiving color. It means that too tight white jeans will highlight your all flaws on your body. Some women choose baggy pair for hide their flaws, generally it end up making your lower half look bigger and shapeless than it actually is. So the key to look chic is perfect fit. The white jeans should fit your body, comfortable snug, no gapping at waist and fit through the hips and thighs.

If your are curvy; classic skinny style or slimmber boyfriend jeans andi f you are curvy; slim or straight leg jeans are great for you.

Do you prefer white jeans? What is your favorite white jeans brand?

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