Hello Angels,

In hot summer time, ice cream is an amazing refreshing food. Especially if you are living in Italy, you are going to see gelateria in every corner of the street which is impossible to resist.

When it comes to food, I don’t limit myself to eating but my priority is eating healthy that’s why I never do strict diets.

Ice cream is part of my diet and I can assure that I never gained a weight or had a health problem because ice cream. All you need to find a brand or place who prepares ice cream with a high quality ingredients.

According to doctors, ice cream is not a bad food if you eat in moderation. Even it has surprising helath benefits.

In today’s post, I would like to share health benefits of this delicious treat.

  • Source of Vitamins

Ice creams contains vitamins such as Vitamin A,B and K.

  • Provides Energy

Ice cream is an incredible source of energy. It is rich in proteins, fats and carbonhydrates.

Especially when I walk so much, I reward myself with an ice cream. Even if you want to lose weight, you should not reduce your calorie intake drastically. Because low calorie intake will makes you gain the opposite of losing weight.  All you need to eat in moderation.

  • Source of Minerals

Minerals like phosphorus and calcium are found in ice ceram.

  • Help you lose weight

If you are wondering if it is a joke. According to doctors, it is not a joke. If you eat an ice cream every day in moderation, you can lose weight.

Why ice cream help to lose weight? Because of the calcium. Ice cream includes calcium and calcium hels metabolism running well.

Do you like ice cream? What is your favorite flavor? Let me know it below

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