Improving your life doesn’t mean you have to make one big change. Instead it’s something you constantly work on everyday and it typically becomes your habit.

I realized that no one has the time in the world to think about personal development and self care so let’s begin with just 20 minutes a day.

I am just asking that you try only one of these activities and see if they improve your life and make you better ‘you’. Whether that means becoming healtihier or reducing stress.

All you have to do is take small step.


I am sure that you heard mindfulness. All it takes only 10 minutes of mindful meditation to achieve this habit. Don’t think past or future. Just be present.

Be Grateful

If you focus on what you have, you will be attract positivity, love and success.

Spend at least 15 minutes every single day listing what you have to be grateful for you.

Ted Talk

Ted talks teach you new things and inspire you. Plus there are only about 15-20 minutes.

Develop a Consistent Morning and Night Routine

You can start your day a little bit early and do what makes you happy. You can gratitude for new day, meditate or go to run.

A happy morning starts with a healthy night routine. There is no rule for this but the important thing is to make one.

For example, you can schedule your next day, prepare your outfit for next morning and do something relaxes you such as reading a book or watching a movie.


Cooking means you have control over your helath and it is a great skill to learn.

10,000 Steps

Maybe you don’t like to go to gym or don’t have a time but you can have a time for walk at least 10,000 steps. It has a lot of health benefits.

Schedule Your Day

Scheduling your day creates a lot of time for you. If you want to achieve your goals, be disciplined.

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