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One of the common wishes of women is healthy and thick hair. Indian women’s hair is an inspiration for all women. Their hair is just amazing. Have you ever wondered their secrets for healthy and thick hair? Yes, genetics play a part in hair texture and growth but there are some Indian hair care methods that help you have a healthy hair.

Hair care in India is a part of their culture. I wondered Indian women’s hair care routine and I made a research about it. In today’s post I would like to share them with you.

  • Hair Oils

There is a common misconception that oils will make your hair greasier. Until a few years ago I had same misconception about oils and I didn’t use them. I started to use them and I started to see results in one month.

You can use hair oils after shower and before you go out. Becayse pollution and sun can ruin hair. Oil ensure nourishment and protection.

  • DIY Hair Mask

You only need oils for hair mask. The type you use depends on you. You can prefer coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil or mix two or more oils. For example I adore mix of olive oil and almond oil as a hair mask.

When you pick oil or oils for your hair, put them in a bowl and apply the oil to your scalp and massage. Rub the oil all the way to the ends. Put your hair in a bun and leave it in for at least 45 minutes.

  • Use Wooden Comb

Wooden products lead less breakage that’s why they are better for your hair.

  • Right Shampoo

You should use right shampoo that does not contain harmful chemicals. You should also choose shampoo that is suited for you. When you nourish hair follicles, your hair will become thicher and healtihier.

Opt Hairstyles Like Braid

Tight buns and ponytails can lead to breakage. Opt loose bun or braid with natural materials instead of rubber or plastic products.


Diet plas huge part in healthy hair. Whole and fresh foods help hair grow longer and thicker.

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