Hello Angels,

Need an fashion inspiration to create a fashion collection?

Everything in fashion collection starts with an inspiration.  We can’t get inspired whenever we want. Especially when you push  yourself to create a new fashion collection, it becomes more difficult and boring.

Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere. Always bring a small sketchbook with you. You can collect ideas and store it where you can use whenever you want.

Designers often visit museums, travel around the world, watch movies and observe the people’s clothing.

I, as a fashion designer, never had an inspiration problem. My only problem is I have many ideas that are so overwhelming to choose from. I always had this problem and I still have.

In today’s post, I would like to share inspiration ideas for fashion design.

  • Start with people

I always look people’s outfit every place I go and I always take notes/draw. You can observe the people you admire. These person can be your family or friend. Which are they wearing that makes you admire them? Start to use those outfit ideas as a reference.

  • Museum /exhibition visit

Visit your favorite museums/exhibitions and draw / photograph anything you like. Take notes and create your version of it.

  • Architecture

Architecture and fashion are related. Find some constructions and look at the patters, structure and lines. Develop the ideas and apply these to your creations.

  • Social Media

Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest we can follow people we admire and discover new people for an inspiration.

  • Tv Shows/ movies

Especially period movies/ tv shows are amazing for fashion inspiration. You can use those period outfit ideas as a reference point.

  • Nature

Nature is an amazing source. Observe the flowers, trees and develop ideas of texture, colors and patterns.

Where do you find your fashion inspirations?What are your favorite tv shows/movies for style tips? Let me know below

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