Hello Angels,

There are two main types of styles that are prominent in fashion nowadays: classy or trendy.

In this modern world, everybody is chasing fashion trends. The idea of ‘fast fashion’ explains the idea of trendy very well. Trends change every minute, before you get a chance to buy a trendy piece, it already becomes old. Buying trendy outfit doesn’t mean that you are stylish. You can be stylish by wearing classic pieces.

Me personally, love to mix classic pieces with trendy.

What does it mean ‘trendy’?

Trendy means following trends of the season. Every year we find out what kind of shoes are trendy, what the color trend will be and what the dress length will be.

This style generally have a lot of colorful pieces and interesting patterns, fabrics… etc.

I personally love to follow trends but don’t just follow a style because it is popular. I wear what suits my body type and my personal fashion taste.

Recent years, colorful patterns are very popular. I don’t wear them so much. It is my personal choice. There are so many people on Instagram and they create amazing combinations with colorful pieces, patterns. I adore their style and love to follow their pages but my  fashion style is same since university years.

It is nice to stay somewhat on trend. You can adapt trends into your own personal fashion style.

Don’t be afraid to create your own personal style. It is better to be original than copy.

What does it mean classic?

Classic means timeless pieces and ladylike look.  When I say ladylike look, I don’t want to mean grandmother look.

Trends are fun and adapting your own style is very nice but classic outfits are the ones which create majority base of your wardrobe.

For example, the little black dress.  Literally, it can be worn anywhere at any time. It is your wardrobe’s must have. You can be wear in an office with jacket or at brunch with high heels. You can add accessories to change it up.

A solid black dress never goes out of style and versatile.

When thinking of classic, the main pieces are: blouses, stilettos, blazers and simple dresses. This items are timeless.

Being young adult and dressing classic can help you. It makes you look professional and serious. With right styling, you can create your own style.

I would like to hear your opinion. What is your personal fashion choice?

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