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What is an It Girl? What makes an It Girl?

It Girl term dates back to earlier 1900s. It is still a popular phrase.

The term it girl originated in British upper class society. According to Cambridge dictionary she is ‘ a famous young woman who is known for going to a lot of parties and social events’

The term gained popularity with the movie It, starring Clara Bow. She was a shop girl in the movie which later got her the nickname ‘It Girl’

Characterictics of it girl has changed from the past to present.

Today, an it girl is a young woman who is known for her style.  She usually comes from the fashion or entertainment world.

In 1900s, it girl was not working. She was wealthy from family. Today, even it girl has a wealthy family, she prefers to create her own business.

Some of the it girls are;

  • Blake Lively

Her Serena Van der Woodsen character in Gossip girl made her a it girl. She appeared in campaings for luxury brands such as Chanel.

  • Olivia Palermo

Socialite Olivia Palermo is known her stylish personal style which made her it girl. She has many fashion collaborations.

Some of the characteristics of today’s It girls are;

  • Confident

  • Prioritize themselves

  • Exercise

  • Working on bettering themselves

  • They don’t compete with anyone

  • Empower others

  • Carefree

  • Unapologetically themselves

  • They have personal style.

  • They mix and match vintage, luxury brand and affordable pieces.

  • They are bold. They don’t follow all trends. They mix timeless trends with today’s trends. Sometimes they prefer totally classic trends.

It girl fashion tips

  • It girls recommend to wear red (instead of black) if you don’t know what to wear. Because red is a sexy color and easily coordinated with other colors.

  • Accessories are important which makes outfit complete (especially bags). When you buy bag, pick something classy and neutral color that go with every outfit. The luxury ones are better because they make an outfit look stylish also they last long.

  • Every It Girl has someone who inspires them. You can get inspired by celebrities. For example, your style is sporty but chic. You can get inspired from celebrities who has same style like you.

  • You should know what you like, which colors you like and what types of trends do you prefer to wear, etc.

  • Have a statement accessory or look. It can be red lipstick, red nail polish, sunglasses, etc. The statement accessory either stay the same or change while being the same object.

Be yourself and show your personality by using fashion.

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