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Confetti means candied in Italian. It is an Italian traditional sweet. Almonds with a hard sugar coating are a major part of Italian weddings. Marriage without them is unthinkable. The almond symbolizes the bitter sweet life and the beginning of a new life as a married couple. The sugar coating added to the bitter almonds in the hope that the married couple will have more sweet moments than bitter during their lifetime together.

According to tradition  you put an odd number of confetti in a little sack and tie it and give to each guest as a  gift. The odd numbers are generally 3s and 5s. Three almond symbolize the groom, the bride and their future child and five almonds symbolize five wishes for the couple: wealth, health, fertility, happiness and longevity.

This wedding tradition dates back to Romans. The almonds were covered by flour and honey ( there was no sugar until the 15th century). However, today’s confetti were first produced in 1400 in the city of Sulmona, located in Abruzzo.

According to another theory, this tradition dates back to 13th century in Venice. Confetti brough ther by Far East merchants. Venetians used to keep these sweets in golden little boxes and they throw by the windos during carnaval.

First you pick the almonds. Some are not coated with colored sugar but they have other flavours between the almond and sugar layer such as layer of chocolate. Then you choose material of packing. It can be tulle sack or whatever you wish. You should order confetti a weeks before from your special event.

Confetti is  also given as gifts to guests when celebrating the key event of your life such as birh, graduation and baptism.

The almonds have special colors. Meaning behind the color of Italian confetti are;

  • Red for graduation

  • Blue or pink for births and Christening

  • White for weddings, communions and confirmation

  • Silver and gold are for anniversaries.

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