Hello Angels,

Living in Italy is amazing in every way. The country offers spectacular historical sights, charming landscapes, stunning towns/ cities and delicious food.

There are so many towns/ cities to visit in Italy. One of my favorite thing is discovering new towns/cities and food. I live in Rome for almost nine years and everyday I discover new thing about Italian culture.

When you live in or visit an another country, you try to discover new things about that culture. When my friends visit me, one of the question they asked me is what are the best authentic dishes that I should try when traveling in different regions in Italy.

Italy has different climate and landscape throughout the country. There is a variety of typical regional products coming from the mountains and sea. These natural and geopraphical elements are one of the reason for the richness of Italian cuisine.

In today’s post, I would like to share the most popular foods by region.

  • Abruzzo – Soffioni Abruzzesi

Abruzzo is one of the popular region which is located east of Rome. It has lovely coastline and tallest Apennine mountains.

Soffioni Abruzzesi  is a sort of muffins filled with sweet ricotta cream.

  • Aosta Valley ( Valle d’Aosta)- Fonduta Valdostana

It is located in the northwest of Italy (border with Switzerland and France)

Fonduta Valdostana is a cheese fondue. Fonduta cheese in very popular in Aosta Valley

  • Campania- Pizza Napoletana

Campania is popular with pastry food. They cook amazing pizzas , pastas, etc.

Pizza Napoletana is amde with white flour. It has tihick pizza base and cook in a wood burning domed oven. Topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

  • Lombardia – Risotto alla milanese

The traditional ingredients are saffron and beef marrow. If you visit Lombardia, I highly recommend you to eat Risotto alla milanese.

  • Trentino  Alto Adige – Strudel

The region located in north of Italy. It was part of Austro – Hungarian Empire until World War I. That’s why you can find many Austrian elements in their cuisine.

Strudel’s traditional ingredients are a pples, raisings spices and pine nuts which are wrapped in a pastry sheet.

  • Puglia – Pasticciotto Leccese

It is a shortcrust pastry filled with custard. It is also made with Nutella. It is delicious and worth to eat.

  • Tuscany – Cantuccini Toscani

These are an almond biscuits ,tinly slices of bread. According to history, they originated in the 16th century and they were served at Medici court.

  • Umbria – Ragu d’agnello

Umbria is the only region with no coastline. It is an amazing region which has untouched landscapes.

Ragu d’agnello is region’s one of the most popular sauce. It is a traditional meet sauce. It is made with olive oil, pieces of lamb, rosemary, tomato puree, garlic and white wine.

It is a thick sauce which is cooked over low heat.

  • Sicily – Arancini

There are so many popular dish in Sicily.

Arancini is one of them. It is a deep fried rice balls are felled with meat but you can also find them with vegetables or chicked.

  • Veneto – Risotto al nero di Seppia

It is located in the north of Italy with the Adriatic coaline, the hills and montainous Dolomites.

Black risotto (Risotto al nero) Veneto’s land based production. The rice is cooking in fish stock and squid ink to give its color.

  • Lazio – Fettuccine ai Funghi Porcini

It is a popular autumn meal of the Roman cuisine. It is made with homemade fettuccini.

What is your favorite Italian dish? Let me know below

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