Fashion is heart of the Italy which is one of the leading countries in fashion. Especially nowadays they introduce new fashion brands. The best part is most brands have worldwide shipping. You can reach Italian clothing with a click.

Pool parties and beach holidays have began. And It is time have research for sophisticated bikini. We have plenty options to choose for swimwear. There are for every personal preferences – from one piece to velvet.

When you have more options, it’s hard to find right bikini. The first thing feeling beautiful and confident in your swimwear. There are many Italian brands that offer you chic and elegant pieces.

I would like to share with you just a few Italian swimwear brands for shopping.

La Perla

It is a famous Italian Luxury brand. Historically La perla is an lingerie brand but has expanded in to beachwear, ready to wear, bags and more. It founded by Ada Masotti in Bologna, 1954.

Ada Masotti launched the first collection of swimwear in 1965. La Perla has a elegant sartorial and feminine creation.

The summer 2018 beachwear collection is worth to check out. You can find one piece to frills. They choice spring/summer 2018 colors such as violet, white, pink.

La Reveche

It is my favorite swimwear brand since last year.

It was born in Sardinia, Italy. Their creations are very elegant. They create handmade pieces and finished up with precious chiffon flowers. The pieces can worn also with shorts or skirts during the summer.


Sundalia was born in Sardinia, Italy. It is inspired by beauty and colors of Sardinia. Their pieces are very sensual. The design, the fabrics and the other things are Made in Italy.


It is an Italian brand, founded in Verona in 1987. They produce lingerie, socks and more.

The summer 2018 swimwear is breathtaking. From white bikini to tropical design two pieces are feminine and elegant. They inspired romantic 1950’s for this summer collection.


Yamamay is an Italian brand which was born in 2001 in Gallarate, Italy. It was an lingerie brand but later they started to produce socks, swimwear, pyjamas and more.

For summer 2018, they created irresistible pieces which is available for all types of sillhoutte. From push up to triangle tops, there are plenty of choice for women.