Italian ladies manage to look beautiful and elegant all the time. Even in the supermarket, they are dressed properly. They don’t wear heavy make up or high heels all day long but they are polished look in every occasion.

When I started to live in Italy, I had a chance to observe their lifestyle and beauty secrets. I live in Rome more than five years but even today, I learn new secrets from Italian women.

Here’s a list of some beauty secrets given by Italian women;

Banishing Stress

According to Italian women stress enemy of beauty. It makes you look older. Of course, Italian women have stressfull life but they know how to move away from stress. Their tip is a glass of wine every day.

No Diet

Italian ladies love their food culture and they allow themselves to eat whatever they want pasta, pizza, wine and gelato. But their secret is small portions and less sauce and dressings. They don’t have restrictive dieting. Even they eat carbs, dont feel guilty about it.

I have a Italian friend who was going to nutritionist for weight loss. Even he was going to nutrionist every week, he wasn’t following strictly the weight loss program. When we were meeting, he was eating sweets and pastry and he was not feeling guilty about it. I think because of this approach, he lost 10 kg  in a very short time in a easy way.

Mediterranean Diet

Of course, I am not talking about pasta or pizza but I am talking about fundamentals of Italian cooking which is fresh products and rich in fatty acids such as olive oil and fish.

Most of the Italian women dont buy frozen food at the supermarkets. They use fresh vegetables and fruits from the market place. These nutrients feed your skin, nail and hair. It gives you shiny hair and glowing skin.

Daily Walk

Italians daily walk before or after the lunch and dinner. It is like their national thing. When they were daily walk, they have a chance to socialize with neighbors or friends and relax.

Olive Oil

I think olive oil is the heart of Italian culture, lifestyle. It has many benefits such as vitamin E, hydrating to skin and hair and anti-aging.

They don’t  only use olive oil in the kitchen but also use like beauty product. Sophia Loren swore by lathering olive oil all over her skin. Some women also put olive oil their hair for maintain a thick ,shiny and healthy hair.


Even they have 10 minutes break time, they go to bar for drink something and they really enjoy it. Even they are very busy, they create a time for theirselves.

Signature Scent

Italian ladies don’t have 10 perfumes to choose .  They have maximum two scents (for day and night). They pick a scent which is signature for them. It represents their personality. They are aware power of scents.

Embrace The Sun

They don’t have a fear of sun’s negative affects. They wear suntan cream and tanning fearlesly. Most of Italian women tanned in summer time.

Soft Skin

Moisturizer is more important than make up for Italian ladies. Smooth skin is a fundamental for their daily ritual. They massage their skin from head to toe with heavy, rich moisturizers.


The most important Italian beauty secret is confidence. Once Sophia Loren said Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.

Italian ladies don’t obsess latest beauty products. They choose products for make healthier skin. They are aware of their look and they know what they like about themselves, that’s why they are very confident.