Hello Angels,

I love to research things like fashion and beauty routines of different cultures. Every season new beauty products come around and many women spend a lot of money on them.

Yes, beauty products are good for skin but using products are not enough to have a healthy and shiny skin.

Japanese women known for their youthful look and glowing skin. I made a research abut their beauty routines for a healthy skin.

In today’s post, I would like to share their beauty routines.

  • Natural Oils

Japanese women use natural oils for cleansing and toning the skin.

One of the oil they use is Camellia oil. It eliminates wrinkles and nourishes the skin.

Cammlia oil also can be used on hair. According to articles I read, It is very good for hair.

  • Green Tea

Green tea has been popular in Europe for several years but Japanese have always included green tea in their lives. Green tea has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which make skin glow and look young.

  • Face Massage

 Regular face massage is good for circulation and tight muscles.

  • Rice

Rice is a part of the Japanese’s women beauty routine. It can be used mask on face. It nourishes the skin, remove dark circles and reduce aging signs.

  • Vitamin C

Japanese women pay attention to their diet. They include Vitamin C in their diet everyday. They include oranges in their diets which helps to eliminate pigmentation marks, give a clear skin and thick hair.

  • Azuki Beans

Japanese women use Azuki beans for scrubbing and exfloating to remove dirt and dead skin. Azuki beans remove blemish and your skin becomes soft and shiny.

  • Healthy Diet

Healthy diet is an essential to have a healthy skin and Japanese diet is full of vitamins.

  • Avoid Sun

Japanese women don’t like sunbathe and they protect their slin with heavy sunscreen or creams with a high protection factor.

  • Collagen

Collagen keeps the skin firm. Japanese women prefer to use collagen rich products including creams. Foods like spirulina and bone broth includes collagen which make a part of the Japanese diet.

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