Hello Angels,

Back in the 19th century, when jeans were first invented, they were popular with workers and miners. Today, jeans are wardrobe staple for men and women.

Every year, new fashion trends emerge and at least one trend from the past years or decades resurgence. Have you ever wondered how the denim trends of the past inspired the jeans we love.

In today’s post, I would like to share jean trends timeline.

In 1950s jean trend was high waisted ones and cuffled ones. They weren’t fitted or very baggy. In 1952, jeans were not everyday wear yet. Cuffeled jeans became popular thanks to Marilyn Monroe. She wore them in the Clash by Night movie.

Even today, high waisted jeans are very popular. They flatter curvy body types and look stylish.

In 1960’s flared jeans and wearing jeans with tshirt were very popular.

In 1960,  Bridget Bardot wore skinny jeans on the set of La Verite. Skinny jeans are popular even today.

With the beginning of Bohemian movement bright colored and embroidered jeans in low rise flared fits became very popular.

Between 1966 and 1968, boot cut jeans were very popular.

In 1970, Caroline Coon wore jeans with boho scarf through a belt loop. It was also the beginning of ripped, fading and patched jeans trend.

In 1974, Jane Birkin wore  jeans and white t-shirt druing the Cannes Film Festival. Even today white tshirt with jeans look considered cool.

In 1976, Farah Fawcett wore bell bottom jeans. That style was very popular that decade.

In 1977, Cher prefered to wear patch jeans which was popular jean type back than.

In the the late 1970, slim, straight leg jeans were trendy. Especialy Levi’s 505 jeans were very popular.

In the 1978, jeans inspired by punk and they became tighter and darker.

In 1980, hip hop culture raised and jeans became very baggy.

In 1982, midriff jeans were very popular.

In the 1983, mom jeans were very popular.

In the1986, faded jeans became very trendy again.

In the early 1990s, straight leg and slightly stuff jeans were very popular.

In the1994, low rise jeans came back

In the 1995, the bootcut style came back.

In 2000s jeans trends were different than ever. A lots of bling embellishment was very popular.

In 2001, jeans that laced up down the sides of the legs or the front was very popular.

In the 2002, large belt loops were trendy. Women were completing their look with a wide belt.

In 2003, super low rise flared jeans came-back.

In 2004, jeans didn’t have back pocket.

In 2005, capri jeans became trendy. In the 1960s capris were trendy but they were not in denim form.

In 2006, jeans with ombre effect was everywhere.

In 2008, colored jeans and patterned jeans were very trendy.

In 2009, jeggings which are very tight but have stretchy fabric were very popular.

In 2010, boyfriend jeans were very popular. They are inspired by 1960s baggy jeans.

In 2011, It was either skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, dark wash was prefered.

In 2012, bright colored jeans were very popular.

In 2013, patchwork and embellishment jeans were trendy.

In 2015, high waisted skinny jeans were trendy.

In 2016, the style from the 1970s trend resurgeanced. Flared and cropped jeans were very trendy.

In 2017, freyed hem trend took over the fashion world.

In 2018, it was all about creativity. The trend was all about trying new things.

In 2020 baggy jeans were very popular.

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