Hello Angels,

One of the best garments to wear in Spring is jeans because weather is changeable in spring time. Due to the extreme hot weather, jeans are not suitable for me in the summer and beginning of the autumn. Especially white jeans are lovely in spring time but it is important to find the right pair. Even if you wear nude colored underwear, some of them show underwear which doesn’t look elegant.

Jeans are timeless, versatile and universally agreed that is a wardrobe staple. You can wear it almost with every piece and shoes.

I often wear dress but nowadays I started to opt jeans again. Whether you meet with your friends for coffee or go out for a date, they are comfortable and easy to create combinations

Recent years, skinny jeans replaced by relaxed fit jeans and this year wider leg jeans will continue to dominate the fashion. This year they are going to be in lighter colors.

This season bra tops are very trendy and they can make perfect pair wide leg jeans.

In today’s posti I would like to share jean trends for Spring 2022.

  • Low Rise

Low rise was popular in 2000s and they are coming back this season.

  • Baggy

Baggy jeans are popular for years and they are going to be continue to be popular.

  • ‘90s Style

This year ‘90s exaggerated shapes and super high rises will be trendy but in a remodernized way.

  • Details

This year patchworks and embellished will be popular. You can wear embellished ones on a night out with friends.

  • Dark Washes

This year jeans in dark colors are making a comeback. They are very cool and look stylish.

What is your favorite jeans trend? Let me know it below

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