Hello Angels,

Italy is known for its high fashion and impeccable sense of style. The centuries of fine craftmanship make this country more special.

Italy is an amazing place for shopping. If you are history lover and fashion lover like me, Rome is one of the best Italian city for both. You can see historical attractions while shopping. My favorite places for shopping are near the Spanish Steps boutiques in Monti,Trastevere and Prati.  I love to discover designer stores.

One of my favorite thing is accessories. I love high end and beautiful handcrafted jewelliries. There are some popular brands which are indispensable for me.

Spanish Steps area such as Via de Babuino has high end jewellry stores and Monti area has more artisanal jewellery stores.

I would like to share my favorite high end and handcreafted jewellry stores in Rome.


The brand founded in Rome. They have an amazing products. It is an amazing store for buy unique pieces.

You can visit their website for see their beautiful products.

Massimo Maria Melis

The amazing brand’s store located in Via del Orso. Massimo Maria Melis uses traditional techniques of Etruscan, Roman and Greet jewellery which makes jewelleries more unique.

You can see some of the products here.

Perlei – Gioelli Artigianali

It is located in Via del Boschetto. The store concentrating on minimalist and modern designs. It is really worth to visit.

You can visit their website for online shopping or see their impeccable products.


It is an Italian jewelry company and currently in top five Europea jewellers by sales.

Pomellato has worldwide boutiques



It is one of the oldest brands in Italy. Inspired by Renaissance techniques. Venetical lace and luxurious textures make Buccellati pieces unique.

Delfina Delettrez

If you looking something contemporary, Delfina Delettrez is the name to follow. Designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi is from one of the most popular families in Italian fashion but she decided to found her own brand in 2007.


It is an Italian luxury brand. Inspired by ancient Roman mosics. Bulgari has really amazing jewellery collections. It is worth to buy.

Percosso Papi

The brand founded in the heart of Rome in 1968. It is located in via S. Eustachio (next to Pantheon).

Each piece is unique, only traditional quality of handmade items.

What is your favorite jewellery store in Rome? Let me know below

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