Hello Angels,

As we said goodbye to 2021, it is time to work on our new year resolutions. So, what dedication are you making to your self in 2022? One good place to start out is together with self care including skin care.

Internet is a huge source to discover new trends/products. Recent years, I love to follow trends of different cultures such as Korean beauty trends. Korean beauty trends and products became popular in the world.

In today’s posti ı would like to share Korean beauty and skin care trends.

  • Products featuring fermented ingredients

This year unscented products and skin friendly formulas continue to be popular. Products which contain fermented ingredients such as kombucha known for their anti-ageing properties.

  • Efficacy based skincare

This year products that contain ingrediends such as retinol and vitamin c will be huge trend. These ingredients are multi purpose and efficient. They have benefits such as skkin smoothing and brightening.

  • Long lasting makeup

Koreans focused on more long lasting makeup because of the wearing a face mask. They prefer to wear long lasting makeup products because they transler less to mask.

  • Fresh skin and red lips

Red lipstick is timeless. It is undeniable powerful and sexy. Bold red lipstick with winged eyeliner is always trendy. Accordng to Korean beauty trends, this year red lips and fresh, healthy skin will be very trendy.

To have a fresh and healthy skin, you should drink a lot of water and have a healthy diet. Moisturizing the skin is very important that’s why you should use good quality hydration for your skin.

Before put foundation, use some face oil or shimmery proimer to have a impeccable fresh skin.

For the red lips, you should use pigmented red lipstick. Brands like Mac cosmetics and NYX have great red lipsticks.

  • Bold Lashes

Bold lashes are very popular Korean beauty trend. You should pinch the lashes before they dry up. All you need to use the right mascara.

  • Peach or Pink Hued Blushers

Instead of applying it strong colors of the cheeks, natural colors such as pink and peach hues are trendy blush colors.

  • Healthy Glow

Healthy glow is one of the main trends in Korean beauty. A few years ago, glass skin was popular Korean beauty trend. This year a simple routine with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

What is your favorite Korean beauty trend? Let me know it below

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