Hello Angels,

We are in the last days of summer. There is no problem for me because I love every season. I believe that every season has different vibe which makes unique all of them.

In the beginning of September I will be back to Rome and my my routines are going to start again. I came to Istanbul in the end of July. I spent time with my family, I exercised and I worked.

I am in Kuşadası to visit my father now. I will be back to Istanbul two days later.

Kusadası is located in 95 km south of Izmir. It is one of the biggest and ports of call for the International cruise. The most archaeological sites to visit are Ephesus Ancient city and House of Virgin Mary.

There are a lot tourists and foreigners who live in this beautiful place.

I don’t prefer to go to beach or pool so much. I don’t prefer tanned skin. If I go to one of these place, I put so much cream to maintain my skin color. But first time  for a long time, I sat on the beach for a tanned skin. Because in summer time, I wear a lot of dresses and half of my legs are white half of them are tanned 😀

I decided to spent my weekend in the pool of my father’s house and in two days my skin tanned. I think one of the best thing about end of August is weather is not very hot. Especially nights, weather is amazing. I spent my all weekend in the sun and it was very comfortable.

First time in my life, I visited Kusadası in the end of the August and I really loved it.

I am sure that many of you feel sad because of the fall. Because fall means coming back to routines. I personally believe that end of the August is one of the best time to reflect our lives. We can add new routines to improve ourselves or continue to spend our limited time for complaining and doing nothing about it.

For example, last week there had a internet connection problem in my home in Istanbul and I didn’t have internet for two days. I felt strange. When I felt strange, I realized that I spent so much time on internet which is not good.

Yes, I improve myself everyday, I work, read, design, etc but that also means I also spent so much time on my phone.

I already started to reflect my life for fall. I want to use my time more useful way. I suggest that stay away from your phone/social media at least three days and concentrate on your life. What is your goal? Which skills would you like to learn or improve? This can be learning a language or drawing.

Make a list of your priorities and start to concentrate on them in September. I am sure that you will feel better.

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