Hello Angels,

Coronovirus restrictions started to ease in 26th of April. Italy is divided in two colors now; orange and yellow. Rome is in yellow zone right now.

In yellow zone;

Cinemas, theaters and museums are (reservaiton is obligatory for museums).

Restaurants and bars serve people at outdoor tables for both lunch and dinner.

Italy reopens for tourists this summer and I hope it opens  for Turkey because my family can not visit me since March 2020.

Before tourist season starts, I made a reservation for Vatican museum. I visited this wonderful place on May 10. I visited Vatican museum many times but it was always crowded. One of my favorite time to visit is summer evening. I don’t know this year, it is going to be open at evening but until 2020, it was open for evening with reservation.

This time there had some rules such as time limitation ( you can spend time only two hours) and wearing mask was obligatory. It was not crowded that’s why it was easy to explore.

One of my favorite places to visit nowadays is Rose Garden (Giardino delle Rose). It is located on the eastern side of the Aventine hill. There are different varieties of rose. The garden is open from late April until mid June each year.

My apartment is close to this wonderful place that’s why I can visit anytime I want. Gyms are suspended until June 1 that’s why I go for a walk six times a week. This beautiful garden is one of my favorite place to visit when I go for a walk.

Summer weather starts in the beginning of the May but this year weather is still cold. I can’t go out without a jacket.

The arrival of summer and the return to normal life are some of the things that make me happy right now.

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