Hello Angels,

Are your beliefs limiting your ability to reach your goals?

‘I will never be able to do that’

‘I am too young or too old for that’

Do these phrases sound similar to you? They are horrible and bad excuse for not achieving your goals.

You keep yourself in your comfort zone by using limiting beliefs. These beliefs whether conscious or unconcious that you regard as absolute truths.

If you really want to change your life, you should replace your negative thoughts with the positive ones.

Have you ever wondered why do we have limiting beliefs?

I realized my limiting beliefs at university. If you want to study fashion design, you should have confidence. Because you are going to prepare a fashion collection and professors will be critical. You should trust yourself and confidence to defend your collection.

I had to change my the way of thinking for graduation. When I prepare a collection, I was always feeling like something missing. That’s why I was feeling like I will never be graduated.

I decided to take the responsibility of my thoughts and started to fill my mind with positive ones.

When I looked around, I realized that many people have limiting beliefs. I wondered the reason and started to make research about it.

According to my researches, limiting beliefs are in most cases are unconcious thoughts. We human tend to immediately negative thinking at the little compelling event. That’s why limiting beliefs appear as defence mechanism to avoid possible dissappointment. For example, you suffered from something specific at past and now when you come face to face with a similar situation, your subconscious try to block it.

Can we get rid of limiting beliefs?

Yes, we can. The first step is look for the root of the problem. These may have several reasons:

  • Personal beliefs

  • Society

  • Social circles

If you have a multiple limitations, start with the largest one and then repeat this step with each belief.

Challenge your own belief

Now, you figured out reasons of limiting beliefs. After identify root of your limiting belief, question it. Ask questions such as:

What if I am wrong? Is this belief grounded? Did I always think that way? Is this belief helping me to achieve my dreams? How would I think about this belief If I were someone else?

These questions will broden your perspective and it will courage you to challenge your own belief.

Adapt a new belief

If you want to be successful about changing your limiting belief, you should replace it with new one. Picking something new to believe in will improve your life.


Nothing gets better without a practice. When you pick new belief, start implement things that support your new belief. If your limiting belief told you that you are too old to start to go to university replace it with ‘it is never too late to start’ belief and take an action to start an university.

Visualization is very important so visualize a lot which will send signals to your brain to make it work for you.

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