Hello Angels,

It is a perfect feeling, when you have all your essentials are in same place. A well structured wardrobe from lingerie to sportswear can help you plan and style your outfit easily.

Lingerie should be second important investment after clothing. I believe that what is worn underneath that really makes woman confident and feel beautiful.

What lies beneath is very important. The elegant dress can be ruined by bad fitting underwear.

Visible pant lines, bra lines are two things should be prevented. You can prevent by making sure own the right underwear.

First of all you should know your body very well. A properly sized underwear is the foundation of the outfit. If you are supported where you need it, you will feel comfortable and your outfit look better.

Prior to going through the list of lingerie, you should consider your outfit types. What does each piece require as a foundation underwear? What do you wear generally? Bodycon dresses or A line dresses/ skirts?

Once you created a list of the garments that are neededi you should ensure to feel comfortable and beautiful in your lingerie purchases. Before buy it, you should pay attention to three things:

  • Cut – Is it right size for my body? Will it work underneath the outfit I wear?

  • Color – Is it suitable for my chosen outfits and it align with my fashion style?

  • Material – Is it comfortable?

Now the essentials to bould an lingerie capsule wardrobe:

These garments are perfect for everyday to formal occasion use;

A Nude Bra

This is a wardrobe key piece. You can wear it with light or white colored outfits.

A Black Bra

 A black bra is perfect for dark colored outfits.

A Convertible Bra

It is an essential lingerie piece. You can these as criss cross back, strapless and halter neck – depending on the outfit you are wearing with.

T -Shirt Bra

You should have at least t-shirt bra. It provies clean underpinning for a sheer tops.

Sports Bra

If you workout, sports bra must have in your closet.  They are breathable, allow movement and absorbs the sweat.


It is a versatile lingerie staple.  You can layering under your shirt or wear as a top.

Nude Seamless Thong

It is a undies that don’t add lines. You can pair with bodycon dresses, sports leggings and white jeans.

Lace Bra and Underwear

Every woman should have at least three pair of something seductive. You can wear them whenever you want. It is a one of the amazing way to boost your energy.

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