Hello Angels,

I am in self isolation right now. Because I came to Rome last week and 14 day self isolation is obligatory. It is my seventh day and I have to stay at home seven days more. I work from home so there is no problem for me. I only miss one thing which is walk for hours.

Today, I would like to write about my story of moving and things about a city I love Rome.

I am from Istanbul, Turkey but I have been living in Rome since 2012.  Before moving to Rome, I lived in Barcelona for three years. I studied high school there.

After high school, I came back to Istanbul for eight months. I had decided to that I would study in Rome but I could not decide what to study.

First I started to go to an Italian course. Because I wanted to study in an Italian university. A few months later, I picked the universtiy and department to study.

My first month was very difficult in Rome because I couldn’t find an apartment. Later, someone helped me who was a friend of my father’s friend. The apartment was in Trastevere which was very close to Piazza Trilussa. That days, I didn’t know Trastevere is the best of the neighborhoods in Rome. Now I am very grateful to live there.

I was glad to find an apartment but the apartment was very old. I made an contract for six months because I didn’t want to live there. Those days, university hadn’t started yet so I went to the Italian course. I met really amazing people there. Thanks to one of my friend at course, I learned that Trastevere’s popularity.

Italian Language

If you are going to live in Italy, you must learn Italian. Learning Italian should be your priority. When you go to an appoinment for permission of stay or try doing that on the phone with the internet company, you need to explain yourself. Italians are very helpful but better do your own thing.

I studied in an Italian university and I wasn’t feeling comfortable because of my Italian. My classmates were very understanding but I wasn’t feeling ready to speak Italian. I was studying grammar and reading books but I wasn’t speaking.

I personally believe that Italian is a very difficult language. Studying grammar and reading books are not enough. You should always practice.

I still feel shy when I speak Italian but I push myself. Italians are very understanding and always help you.


One of the best things to do in Rome is strolling. It is very lovely tradition to have. If you are living city center like Trastevere, you can head to until Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. If you not sure where to go, head toward the nearest square.

Roman Street Food = Suppli

Suppli are ball of ricewith a tomato sauce and cheese stuffed inside and deep fried. They are related to Sicilian arancini.

Trapizzino Testaccio has the best suppli.


You can find gelateria in every corner of Rome. But which gelateria to choose? When I first moved to Rome, I ate the worst ice creams. One month later, my mother visited me and she found the best ones 🙂

August in Rome

August is a month for holiday in Italy. Many natives go on vacation. Rome is very hot and crowded. First time last year Rome wasn’t very crowded because of Covid-19.

If you have questions about a move to Rome, I would be delighted to answer.

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