Hello Angels,

First time I realized importance of live in the present in Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now book.

We live our life with distraction. We focus on our future instead of living in the moment. Actually life unfolds in the present but we let the present slip away with our worryies about future.

Most of us don’t think in awareness. Our thougts control us rather we control them. Meditation is highly recommend it becayse it gives a pause and focus on just being.

Living in the moment also know as mindfulness. When you become mindfuli you became an observer of your thoughts without judging them. You don’t neither pushing them away nor graping at them.

Living in the moment has many benefits such as;

  • Higher self esteem

  • More exuberant

  • More happy

  • Better sleep

There are many ways to live in the moment. Here are a few tricks

  • Stop thinking about improving your performance

Until last year, I never felt comfortable when I was drawing. I was always judging my drawing and designs.

I realized that when I was drawing, I wasn’t in present moment awareness.I was thinking too hard, pushing myself and criticizing myself eather than focusing my drawing at the moment.

I decided to get rid of this bad habit and let myself into flow. I draw without thinking. I just focused on my drawing and felt that moment. I started to do everyday in same way. When I was drawing, ı started to feel joy. One week later, I draw really amazing things. I still focus on my drawing instead of other things.

  • Avoid worrying about future

Most people trapped in the past or thoughts of future. Instead, let yourself enjoy when you sip coffee, work or eat dessert.Relish in whatever you are doing at the moment.

According to study, subjects took a few minutes each day to activeley savor something they usually hurried through such as eating a meal. They began experiencing joy and fewer negativity.

Why they started have a positive feelings rather than negative? Because concert the past or the future are negative thoughts and they make you feel worry and depressed. When you aware of the present moment, worrying goes away automatically.

  • Breathe

Breathing is very important. When we focus our atention on our breath, we be in the present automatically. Breathing has technique and needs practice. You can find breathing exercises on Youtube.

  • Journaling

It is an another exercise that can help you stay in the present. You can write anything and everyting that crosses your mind.

  • Visualize

Visualize your dreams. See yourself untertaking each dream and completing each goal. Use your five senses. Ge as much details as you can.

Visualization helps you focus and improve your performance.

  • Mindful Walk

All you need to go out and engage all your senses and be aware of what is happening both within you anda round you. Notice your feet hitting the grounf, open your ears to all the sounds and see everything around you. Inhale and exhale just be aware pf what is happening each moment.

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