Hello Angels,

I know losing weight in Italy sounds funny, I know. There is a wide range of dishes, ingredients. Many people think that Italian cuisine is based only on pizza, pasta and gelato. I know many people that they visit Italy for food (especially pasta and pizza) It seems large amount of carbonhydrate. The reality is Italian cuisine is not based on carbonhydrate. Actually their diet is healthy. Even if you eat pasta or risotto everyday, you may not get fat. Because Italian ingredients based on fresh food. At restaurants, meals are made to order. You can feel quality and flavor of ingredient. Most Italians get their shopping done in marketplace.

The other fact is Italian cuisine is popular with simplicity, many dishes have only two or three main ingredients. Olive oil is essential and indispensable in their kitchen. It is ideal for preparing baking, frying, marinating… It helps the body eliminating cholesterol and heart disease.

When I first moved to Rome and when I went to the dinner, I couldn’t believe size of pizza. According to me, size of pizza is huge. I love food very much but I can eat maximum 2 slice. I thought I would gain weight ( When I first moved, I was a little bit plump J ) I thought that I would be very fat but in my second month, I lost 10 kg. Even after I lost 5 kg more. I didn’t do diet and still I don’t do diet. Especially summer time I eat gelato everyday ( I am very serious about that) I eat pizza, pasta and the other dishes but I don’t gain weight.

The reason is I walk literally everywhere. If you live in center of Rome (like me), you can walk everywhere. I can visit Via del Corso, Colosseum or Via Vittorio Veneto by foot easly. For example I buy my gelato in Trastevere and I walk until Piazza Del Popolo ( end of the Via Del Corso) I am lucky because I don’t feel guilty about chewing down on my favouire dessert or gelato and I am having fun by foot.

If you live in Italy or travel, you should’t feel guilty about eating food. If you walk regularly, you will be just fine.

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