Hello Angels,

Fashion is important because it impacts on our mood. When you wear something stylish, you will instantly feel better.

Being stylish doesn’t mean wearing high heels and formal dresses.  You can look stylish with simple t-shirt and jeans. It depends on your styling and confidence to yourself.

Loungewear became really popular in 2020 because of the Covid-19. Loungewear was always important for me. Outfit, colors even accessories have huge impact on our mood. I work from home and wearing comfortable but stylish loungewear motivates me and makes me productive.

If you style well, loungewear makes you feel comfortable yet look effortlessly cool.

In summer time, sometimes working from home can be a little bit challenging . Because weather is sunny and going out seems very promising. In summer time we go out more but usually in the evening.

Rome is very hot during summer that’s why I can still be productive and feel motivated during I work.

When I work, I wear something comfortable yet sophisticated and turn on my air conditioner.

I can assure that investing in quality loungewear is very important (especially when you work from home). Replace your old items with stylish new pieces.

In today’s post, I would like to share loungewear ideas for summer.

Loungewear sets

If you prefer casual and stylish loungewear, you can opt them in sets. There are many sets ideas such as short with top. You can wear them when you work from home or gather with your friends at home.

Breezy  Sundresses

Breezy sundresses are one of the best outfit options in summer time even for home. They are comfortable yet sophisticated.

Biker Shorts

Bike shorts are popular as a sportswear but they are also perfect for home. You can wear it with top, tank top or sports bra.


Cami tops are a summer statement piece. You can wear them with shorts. You can opt lace ones to feel sexy when you work or cook at home.


If you are not sure how to pair colors, you can pick monochrome. Monochrome is always the safe and chic choice. You can give your look dimension by using different tones.


Jumpsuits in loose silhouette and lightweight material is very comfortable and effortlessy cool.

Wide Leg Trousers

Flowy wide leg trousers are an another option for loungewear. You can complete your look with a bralette or crop top.


Accessories are stylish detail when it comes to fashion. You can complete your look with flirty hair accessory or jewels like bold necklace or earrings. All you need to do right styling.

What is your favorite loungewear idea? Let me know it below

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