Hello Angels,

Colors have huge impact on us. Colors are like fashion, they are communication tool without words (A few years ago, I wrote blog series about it. You can read it from here).

Today, I decided to write a blog about lucky colors to wear right now because a lot of people depressed these days. Especially in winter time, we need more colors in our lives. From home decoration to fashion, we should pay attention to colors.  They influence our mood.

Will wearing certain colors change your mood?

Maybe not but there is nothing wrong with having a fun and a little change.

  • Red

Red is color of fire and associated with love, passion and good luck. It is an amazing color for those looking for relationship or marriage and success.

  • Yellow

Yellow is associated with sunshine, warmth ad happiness. Wearing vibrant color especially in winter time may boost your mood and bring luck and positivty in every areas of your life.

  • Purple

This is the color of success and wealth. Since ancient times, it is also color of the royalty. Wearing it can bring luck in areas of creativty, success at work and good fortune.

  • Pink

Pink is the color of good friendships, love and peace. Red is often associated with love which is true but also pink is color of love. Pink is color of romance and red is color of passion. You can wear pink to encourage romance, social life and peace.

  • Blue

Blue color is often associated with sadness. Actually it is a happy color which represents sky and ocean. If you prefer tranquility and feel optimistic, you can add something blue into your closet.

  • Gold

Gold is the color of wealth.  Wearing gold jewelery and gemstons believed to increase success, increase prosperity and boost mood.

Which color prefer to wear for to bring good luck? Let me know it below

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