Hello Angels,

High heels are amazing. Although my shoe closet full of high heels, I often prefer flat shoes such as ballerina flats and stylish sandals. Recent years, I also prefer sneakers in my daily life.

Wearing high heels are difficult in Rome because of the cobblestone streets.

Fashion world is changing and wearing flat shoes is very normal now even at weddings. There are even brides who prefer sneakers.

I personally don’t prefer to wear sneakers in a formal events but sometimes I prefer elegant sandals or flat ballerinas.

If you are not feeling comfortable in heels, you can prefer flat shoes. There are many ways that make flats look as elegant as heels.

In today’s post I would like to share tips to make your flats look as elegant as heels.

  • Pointy Toe Flats

Pointy toe flats are classy and elegant. You can replace your heels with pointy toe flats easily. They flatter your legs and make you look thinner and taller.

  • Sparkly Flats

The shimmering flat shoes is an perfect alternative to heels. They are classy, feminine and stylish.

  • Gowns With Flats

If you are hesitated to wear flat shoes with gowns, you can check red carpet looks. Because red carpet proved that heels are not necessary to look elegant. You can opt shoes like flat ballerinas.

  • Sneakers

Sneakers are trendy for years. There are plenty of sneakers so you can easly find a pair that words for your style. You can wear them almost with everthing. Opt something minimalistic. They look refined, trendy and elegant.

  • Skirts With Flats

Especially in summer time, we opt skirts more. You can complete your look with flats to feel comfortable. You can opt pointy toe flats or embroidered flats to have an elegant look.

  • Shorts With Flats

I personally prefer ballerina flats or pointy toe flats with shorts for an elegant shoes.

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