Hello Angels,

A woman who does a very good makeup knows there are certain color combinations that always work. The color combinations should match with your outfit, eye color and skin color.

Makeup is part of an overall look, so your makeup should be coordinated with your outfit. When you pick outfit, you should pay attention to your hair, nail color and makeup. All these factors complete an outfit.

Dressing white is sometimes intimitading. Because it can become dirtly easily and sometimes it compliments your skin tone, sometimes it doesn’t. It is a color of purity but challenging.

I personally love white dress so much. It is extremely elegant and summer times they are bettern than little black dress.

Have you ever bought a white dress, worn it and later you thought too simple? But, you have no idea what a simple touch of makeup can do to you.

Here are my favorite makeup with with white dress.

Eyeliner and Lipstick

Wingled eyeliner goes perfect with every outfit. It brings out the beauty of eyes.

Almost any lipstick shade goes perfectly with eyeliner but I generally prefer red lipstick.

Nude Makeup

Nude makeup is popular these days and it is amazing.

If you prefer more natural look, contour your face then put on some mascara to highlight your eyes and use  the highlighter. Complete your look with a nude lipstick

Golden Eyeshadow

I love gold and rose gold so much and I highly recommend you to use. It adds instantly glamour to white plain dress. You can pair the eyeshadow with nude or red lipstick.

Smoky Eyes

Smoky eye makeup always a sexy choice. If you prefer more natural look, you can pick brown but if you prefer more sexy look, black smoky eye makeup is better choice.

For bold look, you can complete your makeup with dark lipstick but if you prefer more natural look, you can pick nude lipstick.

Which makeup style do you prefer with white dress? Do you have a makeup suggestions with white dress? Let me know below

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