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In today’s post, I would like to write about one of my favorite festival in Turkey, Hıdrellez.

Hıdrellez is one of the seasonal festivals in Turkey. Hıdrellez is celebrated as the day on which the Prophet Hızır (Al-Khdir), a major spiritual figure who is believed to be helped those in difficulty,  and Prophet İlyas (Elijah), believed to e ruler of the seas,  met with each other on the earth.

According to belief, Prophet Hızır and İlyas meet only once a year. It is believed that Hızır brings abundance and good fortune while İlyas is the protector of seas. Since they symbolize fertility and abundance  it is believed that everything they touch brings blessings, fortune and health.

Hıdrellez is celebrated on May 5- 6. May 6th represents the end of the winter and the start of summer.

Hıdrellez Celebration and Rituals

Hıdrellez celebrations take place in green areas or sources of water. Jumping over a fire on the eve of Hıdrellez is believed to prevent thre evil eye ( belief that jeaalusy brings harm) and cure sickness.

Various practices, rituals are performed on Hıdrellez night (May 5), when it is said that Hızır brings abundance and blessing to the places he visits. Purses, wallets, pantries and food bowls are left out in the open.

Before Hıdrellez day, houses are cleaned since believed that Hızır will not visit dirty houses.

If you wish anything on the day of Hıdrellez, it is believed that it will come true. On the evening of May 5, wishes and prayers written on paper and tied to a rose bush. For abundance, money is buried at the bottom of the rosewood.

Early morning of  May 6, pick up your wish paper on rose bush and throw it to the running water (sea or river). It is believed that Hızır will pick them up out of the water and carry out the wishes you have written down.

Eating eggs on May 6 morning also good for an abundance.

I don’t have a garden in Rome that’s why I buy rose for this ritual.

Every year I celebrate this. Only one time in my life I forgot to celebrate. I know it sounds weird but it is true. I forgot to celebrate one of my favorite festival. I was very busy and distracted that year and I remembered three days later. It made me feel sad.

What is your favorite festival? What are the rituals? Let me know below

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