Mdina is one of my favorite place in Malta. I had only two hours to visit but I am impressed with enchanting architecture.

This city was top on my list since I booked my holiday to Malta and I am very happy for my trip to magical city Mdina.

Fashion Mdina

Mdina’s history dates back 4000 years which is older than Valletta. The city’s nickname is ‘Silent City’ because only limited number of residents car, horses and emergency vehicles are allowed in this city.


When I arrived to Mdina gate also knows as the Main gate which is the gate into the fortified city, It was crowded and many cars passed that’s why It is not a silent city for me 🙂

If you are Game of Thrones fan, you may recognize Mdina Gate in the third episode of the first season which was the King’s Landing Gate in the filming of Lord Snow.

Mdina also known as Città Vecchia or Città Notabile which is in the Northern Region of Malta. It attracts about 750,000 tourists a year. The city is mix of Baroque and Norman architecture. It was the capital city of Malta in the medieval period.


The main purpose of Mdina is walk around the enchanting, narrow streets. There are gift shops and some restaurants and cafes for tourists. It is all about impressive palaces, magical streets and capture amazing details like pretty doors, door- knockers in animal shapes, street lamps… I did so many amazing photographs.

Door Knocker Mdina

The atmosphere is like medieval and It is kinda romantic city for me because of horse drawn carriage.


I heard that It is very enjoyable at night because streets are more quiet and empty but I didn’t have a chance to visit at night.

If you visit Malta, you should visit Mdina. I am sure that you will spend amazing time there.