Color science is a very fascinating. The researches prove that colors make you feel sexy, seductive, stress free and more. We feel colors more than we see. Without colors, life would be black and white and it would be less energy , less vibrant. Even the colors have an energy and they radiates certain frequency.

According to researches, outfit of colors proven to boost our mood. So we need to pay attention to what we wear.

Brown Color

  • It is the color of earth and wood.

  • It represents seasons of fall and winter.

  • Brown color symbolizes stability, support and structure.

  • It is the color of healing, security, warmth and honesty.

  • The color brown is believed to help create a connection with the earth.

  • The brown is the color of soil which represents fertility, growth and associated with ‘all natural’ and ‘organic’ concepts.

  • The brown affects the mind and body by creating feeling peace and wholesomeness.

  • It provides feelings of warmth and relaxation.

Light Brown: is sincere, friendly and approachable, honest and sincere.

Dark Brown: materialistic, sad and depressive

Tan: is timeless, natural and ageless

Ivory: is encouraging and calming

Beige: is loyal and practical

  • In post-classical history brown pigments were rarely used in painters and book illuminators artists and in art. The bright colors such as red, green and blue were preferred.

  • In Modern history (17th and 18th century) Rembrandt Van Rijn and Caravaggio used brown color to create chiaroscuro effect.

  • French impressionists (except Paul Gauguin) generally hated the color brown because they generally preferred pure, bright colors.

  • In 19th century French artist Paul Gauguin used brown color for create landscapes of French Polynesia and brown portraits of the people.

The Brown Color Meaning Around The World

  • American Indians believe color brown associates with the power of self-discipline.

  • In Japanese language brown word doesn’t exist. Rather they use such as ‘tea color’ ‘fallen-leaf’ and ‘fox color’

Brown Gemstones

  • Brown gemstones associated with root chakra, nourishment and grounding.

  • The gemstones in brown color are rainforest jasper, apache tears and smoky quartz.