The colors are more important than we think because everything is energy, frequency in this world. Even the colors have an energy.. Each color radiates certain frequency, it attracts different kinds of energy The colors we surround ourselves affect us. Some researches show that we feel colors more than we see. That’s why colors are important in our lives and even today people use colors as a symbol. Why don’t you apply color concept to your wardrobe?

Gray Color

  • The gray color is a transition between to non -colors (black and white)

  • It is an emotionless color which creates calm and composure.

  • The color gray is quiet and reserved which does not energize or stimulate.

  • It is toning down the brighter and stronger colors.

  • The gray color affects to us such as provides a sense of isolation, create expectations and reduces energy from other color.

  • Too much gray color may create depression and sadness.

  • The human eye distinguish about 500 shades of gray.

  • Light gray is color of calming and soothing. It is a feminine in nature.

  • Dark gray is color of self -discipline. It is a masculine in nature.

Gray Color In Fashion

  • It is a classic, timeless color in fashion but associated with depression, age and lack of confidence.

  • It is not a good choice to wear only gray but you can make combinations with bright and intense colors.

Gray Gemstone

  • Gray gemstones ease of tensions and neutralizing negative energies and emotions.

  • Wearing gray gemstone helps to reduce anxiety and obsessions.

  • Some gray gemstones are gray moonstone, fluorite ( It is a rare gemstone), spinel