The colors are more important than we think because everything is energy, frequency in this world. The researches prove that colors make you feel sexy, confident, energic and more. energy The colors we surround ourselves affect us. Each color radiates certain frequency, it attracts different kinds of energy.

Without colors, life would be boring and it would be less vibrant. According to researches, outfit of colors proven to boost our mood. . Why don’t you apply color concept to your wardrope?

Green Color

Green color represents nature, life, renewal, spring and rebirth The meanings are freshness, environment, harmony and growth. Green color is also associated to harmony and balance.

Other meanings;

  • It renews energy and restoring us back as a positive feeling.

  • The green color related to abundance and prosperity.

  • It helps alleviate depression and anxiety.

  • It brings renewal and health.

  • In Irish culture it associated with good luck.

  • In Japanese culture, green symbolizes eternal life.

  • In Portugal, green color represents hope because of the spring.

Green Gemstone

  • Wearing green gemstone protects from anxiety and fear. It also used to attract prosperity and wealth.

  • It is related to color of the earth which symbolizes harmony and fertility.

  • In fashion, green is usually worn by people who involved or interested in environment

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