The colors we surround ourselves affect us. Each color radiates certain frequency, it attracts different kinds of energy. The researches prove that colors make you feel sexy, seductive, stress free and more. Without colors, life would be black and white.

The outfit colors boost our mood, energy. Why don’t you apply color concept to your wardrobe?

Color Orange

  • Orange color is the blend of red and yellow. It is a mixture of energy and stimulation represented with red and happiness and cheerfulness represented with yellow.

  • Orange is the color of heat, warmth, happiness, joy, creativity, fun, health and freedom.

  • The orange color creates physical affects such as encourages socialization, stimulates activity and stimulates appetite.

  • It brings positivity in the difficult moments.

  • Orange color associated with hot sun and summer.

  • It associated with citrus fruit and Vitamin C

  • It represents changing seasons because It is the color of autumn leaves.

  • The complimentary colors orange and blue work well together. Generally they represent summer fun. Blue color symbolizes water and orange symbolizes summer sun.

  • When the orange color combined with green, It gives feeling of tropical destinations.

  • Golden orange color associated with self control and vitality.

  • Dark orange is the color of advantage taker.

  • Peach color is the color of communication.

  • Red orange is associated with passion and desire.

Orange Gemstones

  • It represents color of nature. It gives you pure emotions such as joy.

  • It brings people together.

  • Some people use to overcome shyness and distrust.

  • Some orange gemstones are amber, carnelian and aragonite.

Color Orange In Fashion

Most of the women avoid color orange because it is out of comfort zone. Especially summer is the perfect time to try bright, intense colors. If you are not ready, you can start small such as orange dress neutral color shoes.

Orange Color Meaning Around The World

  • In Netherland, It is the color of Dutch Royal family.

  • In Colombia, It represents sexuality and fertility.

  • In Japan and China, it represents happiness and prosperity.

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