Color science is a very fascinating. The colors are more important than we think because everything is energy, frequency in this world. Even the colors have an energy. Each color radiates certain frequency, it attracts different kinds of energy.

The researches prove that colors make you feel sexy, seductive, stress free and more. The colors we surround ourselves affect us. We feel colors more than we see. Outfit of colors proven to boost our mood. Why don’t you apply color concept to your wardrope?

Pink Color

  • Pink color became popular by the late 18th century. It was the color of seduction and romanticism.

  • Pink color means that love, romance, feminine and compassion.

  • It is a combination of color red and white that’s why both color add a little characterictics. It takes physical passion from the red color but replaces with a loving energy. The white color gives openness which is opportunity to be successful.

  • The pink color is more emotional, intuitive and kindness color. The deeper pink color means more passion and energy.

  • It is a positive color which is a sign of hope. It confronts feeling.

  • The color pink has a calming effect which relieve a negative feelings (anger, agression)

  • Pink color is symbol of flowers, babies bubble gum, sunsets and cotton candy.

  • Carrie Bradshaw ( Sex And The City) frequently dresses in pink.

  • Fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli introduced ‘hot pink’ to western fashion in 1947.

Pink Color Around The World

  • Marrakech referred as a ‘Rose City’ because of the salmon-pink buildings.

  • In Belgium, they dress girls in blue and boys ink pink.

  • In India, Indian city Jaipur is known as the ‘pink city’ Because 1853, when the Prince of Wales visited the city, the whole city was painted pink for welcome him.

Pink Gemstones

  • It brings relaxation and serenity.

  • It opens your heart and soothes your body

  • The pink color gemstones are rose quartz, rhodonite, pink sapphire and kunzite.