Color science is a very fascinating. The colors are more important than we think because everything is energy, frequency in this world. Even the colors have an energy. Each color radiates certain frequency, it attracts different kinds of energy.

The researches prove that colors make you feel sexy, seductive, stress free and more. The colors we surround ourselves affect us. We feel colors more than we see. Outfit of colors proven to boost our mood. Why don’t you apply color concept to your wardrobe?

Purple Color

  • Purple color is a combination of fierce energy of red and stability of the blue color.

  • It is the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy.

  • Purple color is often used to portray leaders and kings.

  • It associated with nobility, royalty, ambition and luxury.

  • The purple color is associated with certain class because It was rare and expensive which was extracted from sea snails.

  • The color purple is very rare in the nature.

  • The color purple also represents mystery, wisdom, dignity, creativity and wealth

  • The purple color also has variety of effects on the mind and body such as calming the mind, uplifting spirits and encouraging imagination.

  • Light purple represents feminine energy and romantic feeling. Lavender color is the light purple color.

  • Dark purple represents sadness.

  • Bright purple represents royalty and wealth.

Purple Gemstones

  • It removes spiritual obstacles and re-energize

  • Increases imagination

Purple Color Meaning Around The World

  • In Mediterranean countries purple was reserved for Popes and emperors.

  • In China, represents mental and physical healing, abundance and awareness.

  • In Japan, associated with wealth and privilege.

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