The colors are more important than we think because everything is energy, frequency in this world. Even the colors have an energy.. Each color radiates certain frequency, it attracts different kinds of energy The colors we surround ourselves affect us. Some researches show that we feel colors more than we see. That’s why colors are important in our lives and even today people use colors as a symbol. Why don’t you apply color concept to your wardrope?

Red Color

  • Red color is a very sexy and strong color. It symbolizes cupid and devil.

  • It represents passion, intense love, desire, sexuality, romance and heat.

  • The negative associations are danger, stress and malice.

  • The physical effects are high blood pressure, increased enthusiasm, enhanced libido and high level of energy.

  • Red is a noticeable color that’s why used on signs for signaling warning or caution.

  • Red color generally used to express love but actually it relates more passion and sexuality. Pink color is the best for express love.

  • Light red is associated with joy, sensitivity and sexuality.

  • Dark red is associated with willpower, rage, courage and energy.

Red Gemstone

  • It boosts energy, increase enthusiasm and create confidence.

  • Carrying gemstones give you courage to achieve your dreams.

  • Some red gemstones are red garnet, red jasper, mookaite and garnet.

Red In Fashion

  • Fashion designer Bill Blass said whenever in doubt, wear red. There is nothing like a red shoes, red dress or red lipstick. It makes you feel seductive and sexy.

  • According to men, woman in red is more desirable.

  • It is a perfect color at stealing attention.

The Red Color Meaning Around The World

  • In China, red represents good luck. It associated with happiness and prosperity.

  • In India, red color symbolizes purity. They often use in wedding dresses.

  • In Singapore, red symbolizes joy.