The colors are more important than we think because everything is energy, frequency in this world. Even the colors have an energy. Each color radiates certain frequency, it attracts different kinds of energy. The colors we surround ourselves affect us. Some researches show that we feel colors more than we see. That’s why colors are important in our lives and even today people use colors as a symbol. Why don’t you apply color concept to your wardrobe?

Silver Color

  • The silver color has a feminine energy. It associated with goddess Artemis ( the virgin goddess of hunt).

  • It is associated with the moon.

  • The color silver is emotional, fluid, mysterious and sensitive.

  • Silver affects the mind and body as positive energy. It helps the cleansing and releasing of emotional and mentally and removes blockages. As a result it opens new doors and gives positive energy to our body.

  • Silver color is a valuable metal like gold.

  • It is the balance between white and black color.

  • It symbolizes wealth, prestige and purity.

  • The mirrors are made in silver because reflects 95% of the visible light spectrum.

  • The words money and silver are the same worn in fourteen languages.

  • In alchemy, one of the noble metal.

  • Color of prosperity and glamour.

  • It associated with high tech and modernity.

  • Silver represents 25th of wedding anniversary.

  • It has similarity with gray color but silver is more optimistic.

  • Silver color is popular choice in cars because it’s easy to see at nights.

  • It has calming effect.

Bright silver: is associated with intuitiveness and new ideas.

Dark silver: is associated negativity such as fear.

Silver Gemstones

  • The silver gemstones symbolizes love, hope, sensitivities and tenderness.

Silver Color In Around The World

  • In South America, silver represents jewelry and treasure and wealth

  • In Germany, symbol of sophistication

  • In Western Europe, Color of craftsmanship and technology.