Color science is a very fascinating. The researches prove that colors make you feel sexy, seductive, stress free and more. We feel colors more than we see. Without colors, life would be black and white and it would be less energy , less vibrant. Even the colors have an energy and they radiates certain frequency.

According to researches, outfit of colors proven to boost our mood. So we need to pay attention to what we wear.

White Color

  • It is the lightest color which fully reflects everything.

  • White color symbolizes innocence, purity, light, safety, virginity and spirituality.

  • In ancient Rome and ancient Egypt, It was worn by priests and in important rituals.

  • Romans worn a white toga as a symbol of citizenship. Emperor Augustus time, no Roman would appear in the Roman forum without a Toga

  • It was the royal color of France .

  • In the Baroque and Rococo period, white was the dominant color of architecture.

  • Beginning of 18th century Roman and Greek temples were in white marble also white became a color of government buildings and churches.

  • In the 18th century It was color of fashion for women and men. Especially after the French Revolution, white became the most fashionable color for women.

  • The Pope has worn white since 1566 as a symbol of purity.

  • It represents open mind which gives you freedom to creativity.

  • It is the color of snow.

  • It associated with cleanliness that’s why laboratories and hospitals are in color white.

  • White is the color of new beginnings such as white page waiting to be written upon.

  • It is the color of peace and calm which helps to alleviate emotional upsets.

White Color Gemstones

  • It is believed that clear emotional clutter and help to create new beginnigs.

  • Some white gemstones are opal, goshenite and danburite.

White Color Meaning Around The World

  • In Western culture, white represents purity that’s why brides wear white dresses at the wedding.

  • Some Asian country, white is the color of mourning.

  • In Peru, It symbolizes good health and angels.

White Color In Fashion

  • Generally it represents lightweight white fabrics. It is the color of summer which represents fresh.

  • A light and neutral color, It is easy to create combinations.