Hello Angels,

Today I picked something elegant and feminine today as an outfit, handmade Roman Holiday tulle skirt.

Roman Holiday is an American romantic comedy and Audrey Hepburn is the royal princess who was on a state visit to Rome and one night she escapes from her country’s embassy. She falls in love with an American newsman. Handsome newsman takes her on a tour of Rome. They ride a scooter, visit the Mouth of Truth ( Bocca della Verita), go dancing and more.

I adore Audrey Hepburn and I love this movie so much. When I recieved this midi tulle skirt from seamstress, I picked Roman Holiday name for this beautiful skirt. Audrey Hepburn’s costumes are amazing in the movie and she inspired me for name of my skirt.

Roman Holiday tulle skirt is a handmade. It has two colors nude and pink. I have a seamstress who is very successful and sews amazing handmade pieces.

I had a sewing class at university and unfortunatelly I was not very succesful. I love to desing and pick fabrics but I don’t prefer to sew. Sewing is very difficult for me and I respect people who can sew.

Roman Holiday skirt is perfect for brunch, dinner or date night. It is versatile so you can style it many ways.

I highly recommend this skirt.

Alternative Color Palette

I picked white as an alternative color palette. What is your alternative color palette?

Style Tips

  • You can wear it with simple t-shirt and sneakers.

  • You can wear it tank top and stilettos

  • You can wear it with crop top and ballerina shoes.

What do you think about tulle skirts ? How would you style Roman Holiday tulle skirt ? Shop my pick and share your favorite looks on Instagram        @loveinromeboutique with #loveinromeboutique

Let me know your thoughts