Hello Angels,

We are in first day of fall. Fall makes many people feel depressed. Personally, I love every season.

Especially these days due to pandemic, finding contentment can be tough. Summer season made us happy and relaxed ( late nights, dinner with friends, hot days, etc.) but pandemic and fall season can be challenging for many people.

Why don’t you start a new season with new challenge? Such as 30 day mindfulness challenge.

Pandemic made us realize importance of mental health. Mindfullness is one of the best remedy. If you can’t build meditation, reading or watching inspiration things or mindfullness habit , don’t worry. Honestly, I started and stopped meditation and mindfulness practice many times. I love to follow 7 day or 30 day challenges. I decided to give a try for 30 day mindfulness challenge. This challenge helps you gain focus and presence in your own life. When you tap into present, your creativity, happiness and productivity increases.

I made a lot of research about mindfulness and I prepared 30 day mindfulness challenge for myself. I prepared it last April and all May long I followed my 30 day mindfulness challenge. First time, ı didn’t quit and I completed.

Mindfullness became a habit for me right now. In today’s post, ı would like to share 30 day mindfulness challenge. I hope it helps you feel better.

First, you should set mindfulness goal. Identify what you want to achieve during this 30 day challenge. This could be be aware of your thoughts, be in present – anything.

Visualize your goal and encourage your brain to find new ways to achieve the results. For example, if you want to be in present more, image what it would feel like to already be more present. Repeat this visualization everyday. Especially concentrate on your feelings. How would make you feel?

Focus why this challenge is important for you and use as motivation.

Day 1: Next 30 days, start your day with 5 minutes of stretching

Day 2 :Write 3 things you are grateful for

Day 3 : Go outside

Day 4: Acknowledge everything that surrounds you

Day 5: 20 minutes walk in nature

Day 6: Enjoy the fresh morning air

Day 7: Tea / coffee meditation

Day 8 :Try meditation for 5 minutes

Day 9: Watch sunset

Day 10: Banish phone and read a book before bed

Day 11: Visit a place you have always wanted to go

Day 12: Limit yourself to only 30 minutes of social media today.

Day 13: Banish all negative thoughts for today.

Day 14: Practive deep breathing for 5 minutes

Day 15: Prepare your favorite meal

Day 16: Learn something new today.

Day 17: Be aware of small things that make you feel happy and grateful

Day 18: Eat mindfully.

Day 19: Shower mindfully

Day 20: Read 20 pages of book

Day 21: Watch sunrise

Day 22: Journal

Day 23: Set intention for the day.

Day 24: Celebrate your successes.

Day 25: Listen your favorite songs

Day 26: Dance

Day 27: Clean your home and declutter an area of your house

Day 28: Pamper yourself. Have a new haircut or get a mani / pedi

Day 29: Create a vision board ( Cover it in affirmations and images that express the desires you want to bring into your life

Day 30: Have a dinner with your friends/family by candlelight.

Have you ever tried mindfulness challenge? Let me know below

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