Hello Angels,

Recent days, I am very interested in mindfulness I make researches and try to practice it.

I was always a multi- tasker. Focusing one thing was impossible for me. Honestly, still I can’t focus on one thing but I try to change it.

Especially in lockdown, I realized that doing multiple things at one doesn’t make me more productive.

I always want to use my time for good things such as designing accessories, clothes  and learning new things. Sometimes I feel like my time is not enough for to do everything and this feeling pushes me to do  multiple things at one.

This approachment is not nice because when you are in a rush, you don’t enjoy any activities you do.I decided to focus on only one thing and I started to research about it. I discovered mindful eating and mindfulness topics. I started to research these two instantly. I read many articles and I found exercises to practice. I am not still succesful but I am working on it.

Today I would like to talk about my favorite topic, mindfulness. I would like to share the tips and ideas about mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is focusing on the moment. The idea is to allow thoughts, sensations and feelings to come and go without need to do anything or judge. It is a gentle acceptance of whatever comes into awareness in the moment. It is not about reaching a goal but about expanding awareness and exploring thoughts of your own inner world.

The more you practice mindfulness, the more you will be aware of your feelings and thoughts and It will change your mood.

Benefits of Mindfulness

According to researches, mindfulness change the physicology of the brain and body in a positive way. The benefits such as;

  • Lower Stress

  • Slows Aging

  • Less Anxiety

  • Improve Sleep Quality

  • Imprive Mental Health

  • Improves Concentration

Tip For Practicing

Practicing mindfulness is still difficult for me. I researched tips for practice and I would like to share my favorite ones.

Mindful Walk

I love to walk so much that’s why this is one my favorite tip.

When you walk, give your full attention to the experience of walking. We walk without thinking it. Of course, it is a good thing – we can’t thing every step we take but it unintentailly brings awareness. We don’t see beauty around us.

Next time walk mindfully, focus on walking. Feel the ground beneath. Engage your all senses. Listen, smell and notice.

Do what you love and be all there

Whether it is writing, cooking or reading, whatever you do, be all there.

Mindful Shower

Feel  and listen the water. How it hits your skin and falls to ground? How is the temperature? Cold? Hot?

Do you practice mindfulness? If you practice, what is your favorite tip?

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