Hello Angels,

Successful and happy life seem very complicated for many people. Actually everything is very simple in life. Only we make complicated to have what we desire. Even researches showed that success and happiness are all about mindset. Our mindset and belief system affect everything in our life.

Have you ever noticed that some people or siblings have same conditions but live totally different lives? One of them becomes more succesful or have a happy family life and the other one doesn’t obtain what he/she desires.

If you look around carefully, I am sure that you will see a lot similar examples to this. This is a great example to understand importance of mindset.

According to researches, 92% of people couldn’t achieve goals and resolutions they set for themselves. Researches focused on 8% who accomplish their goals, resolutions and they found the reason.

These 8% comprised of a variety ages and nationalities. Some of them are married, divorced and single, middle class and wealthy.

The key is 8% has set of success oriented mindsets that guide their thoughts and actions.

Can we change our mindset?

The answer is yes. If you have a negative mindset, you can train your brain to change your world.

Here are the tips

  • Focus on your blessings

Today, we live in abundace and many opportunities but many people are not satisfied about it. They don’t appreciate what they already.

Being grateful is one the essential things to do have a success oriented mindset. It sounds simple but as I told you before nothing is complicated or difficult. We are the one who make everything difficult.

All you have to set your mind to be grateful. You should practice it everyday and in everything you do. When you replaced your negative mindset by blessings, you will stop paying attenton to small negative situations. Instead, you will see negative situations as a lesson you have learned and move on.

  • Start bu doing this simple exercise every morning and before you go to sleep

Write down 3 happy things in your life and be grateful for them. Don’t categorize your happy moments to big things to small things. Even eating a chocolate can make you feel happy and write down it as a happy things in your life.

Changing the mindset takes time so continue to practice this technique without interruptions for months.

  • Discover your purpose

I realized that many people can’t achieve their goals because they don’t know their real dream, purpose. Being happy and successful is one of the common desire but many people don’t know what these concepts mean to them.

Everybody has a different purpose. Your dream can be start a family, make the place you live better or grow every year in your carreer.

Think honestly about what you desire in your life.

  • Be confident

Have you ever noticed that some people are very beautiful/handmade but nobody care them? It is because they don’t have a confidence. There are some people who are not very handsome/beautiful but you like them instantly. Like many things in life,  being confidence is one the essentials.

  • Don’t stuck in negative experiences

Life is changeable and negative experiences/events are very normal. If you stuck them, your negative emotions start to control your life. We are in control of our emotions and thoughts. Remind yourself this reality, take control of your thoughta and emotions and move on.

  • Change your perspective

Don’t be with fixed mindset instead be growth mindset. Someties all it takes to change our perspective to approach the situation/ event in new way. Nothing in life has meaning except we give the meaning. So do you prefer to see negativity and obstacles in your life or happiness and opportunities?

  • Habits

If you read my previous blog posts, you will see importante of routines and habits. Have a positive habits and integrate them into your day to change your midnset.

If you are upgrading your mindset fixed to growth, celebrate your small successes, practice being mindful and enjoy every moment in your life.

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