Hello Angels,

Have you ever wondered how mistletoe plant became associated with holiday season and symbol of love?

The plant made its way into a many holiday movies. Kissing under the mistletoe tradition is very popular. The tradition holds that a man is allowed to kiss any woman standing underneath mistletoe. If a kiss refused, bad luck would befall any woman who refused the kiss.

Many families hang the mistletoe on their doorways and arches during Christmas and New Year time.

How did the tradition of kissing under mistletoe start?

The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe is believed to begin in the Victorian England.  There is no exact information about this but according to some studies, some ancient cultures regarded the white berries of mistletoe as symbols of male fertility and virtlity.

Some ancient cultures considered as aphrodisiac.

Romans associated mistletoe with love and peace. They hung it over doorways to protect the household.

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