Hello Angels,

‘O Romeo, Romeo

whereforce art thou Romeo?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name;

Or it thou wilt not, be

But sworn my love,

And I’ll no longer be a Capulet’

                           Romeo and Juliet ( Act 2 Scene 2)

Romeo and Juliet is William Shakespeare’s one of the popular plays during his lifetime (even today). It has been adapted many times for film, musical, opera and stage.

The play set in Verona in Renaissance time. Romeo is Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. Their families are enemies but when Romeo and Juliet meet at a masked ball, the two fall in love and decide to get married. Tragic days begin with the emerge of this love.

Actually the play is tragic but theme of love made this story legendary.

Juliet is one of William Shakespeare’s popular characters. She comes from a noble and powerful family.

In the play, Juliet is 13 years which was marriageable age in that century.

She is beautiful and innocent. After meeting Romeo, Juliet instantly falls in love with him despite his being the son of Montague.This love makes Juliet mature and a risk taker.

When we analyze Juliet’s character we can say she is bold, strong and romantic.

Do you wonder If the Juliet character was adapted to today, how would be like?

I think it would be like this.

She would live in Verona like in the play.

She would wear romantic, timeless and sophisticated clothes.

Her favorite colors would be pink, red and pastel colors like peach.

She would prefer clothes made in;

  •  tulle

  •  silk

  •  velvet

  • wool

  •  lace

  •  cotton

Some of her favorite outfits and shoes would be;

  • Tulle skirt

  • Sundresses

  • Tailored trousers

  • Tailored shorts

  • Shirts

  • Head accessories

  • Capes

  • Flat ballerinas

  • Stilettos

  • Ankle boots

  • Her physical look and beauty routine would be;

  • No makeup makeup look

  • Sometimes classic eyeliner with red or pink toned lipstick

  • Her favorite nail polish colors would be nude or red tones.

As a character she would be;

  • Polite

  • Innocent

  • Strong

  • Risk taker

  • Romantic

  • Cultivated

  • Intelligent

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