A Monochromatic outfit mean is an outfit made up one color. That doesn’t mean that you can only wear solid black or solid white from head to toe. The beauty of the monochromatic fashion is wearing different tints and shades of the same color.

One of the easiest way to look stylish is to choose monochromatic outfit. It literally saves all the time. Just choose your favorite color in your closet, grab and go.

My favorite monochromatic look is all black outfits. You don’t have a mix and match problem and look super elegant.

Layering one color allows you play up accessories and silhouettes.

So if you want to take bady steps, start with all white, all black or all navy outfits. We are in spring so all white is also a great choice.

If you are feeling bolder you can go for red, purple and burgundy.

Tips for creating monochromatic outfits

So you want yo pull together a monochromatic outfit, lets begin.

First, pick the color you want to wear. The key is to chooce a flattering color. Make sure the color looks good against your skin tone and body type and that you feel good and comfortable in. The worst thing you can do is  color that make your body looks bad and make you feel uncomfortable.

Use varying shades of the same color

For example, you can wear caramel shade top and complete your look with deep chocolate trousers or jacket. It elevates the look instantly.

Embrace different shades of the same color and have fun.

Mix textures

If you want to add dimention to your look you can mix hard and soft fabrics and shiny textures. Some texture combinations you can pair together are denim and silk and tulle and sequins.

The varied textures also allow you to downplay the styling in order to highlight certain parts of your body. For example, you can look taller and thinner than you actually are. Dressing monochromatic outfits creates illusion of an elongated sillhouette.

What do you think about monochromatic outfits? What is your favorite color for this trend?

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