Hello Angels,

Moon boots are one of the made in Italy timeless winter wardrobe staple. It is popular more than 50 years and everyday its fans are increasing.

It has many adjectives such as a legend and an icon. The thick soled, waterproof boot is ideal for freezing winter and snowy streets.

The Moon Boot brand officially established in 1969, after designer Giancarlo Zanatta was inspired by the three astronaut’s fashion (who set its foot on the surface of the moon first time . Since then, the moon boots are very popular and allured many fashion lovers worlwide. Some people hate  it because its puff and oversized shape and some people adore it.

Personally, I adore them because they are practical, comfortable, fashionable and keep you warm. You can wear them both on a city street and snowy landscapes. The material of moon boot is both stylish and durable.

Moon boots showcased as one of the 100 most iconic items in the 20th century in the Louvre. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton started to wear them in the early 2000s.

Today, moon boot has plenty of new styles from their original design. You can find them low and high cut with leather and nylon and in different colors.

You can wear them with oversize sweaters, knit dress, leggings, mini skirts, shorts and jeans.

Today, Moon boot is more accessible than ever. Thanks to online store at moonboot.com, you can scroll through all the different options and latest collections and buy your favorite pair.

Do you love moon boots? Do you prefer low or high cut ? If you have one, how do you pair them with? Let me know it below

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