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Today’s post I want to talk about crop tops. Summer is coming and crop tops are still trendy. Crop tops are short enough to expose the waist so, many women hesitate to wear it.

If you have some concerns, consider a few things;

  • If you are not feeling comfortable, go for a crop top paired with high waisted jeans or skirts.

  • Debloat

 If you have a bloating problem, consider to eat foods that are high potassium like bananas and drink tons of water.

  • Choose lenght of the top.

 Crop tops are shorter than normal ones but all crop tops don’t reveal the skin so you have many options to choose.

In 1980s, crop tops became a wardrobe staple due to aerobic culture. Women began to wear at gyms.  This tops started to dominate the fashion scene in ’90 with singers like Britney Spears and Spice Girls. They wore them during their concerts and music videos. Cher Horowitz in Clueless and Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City are an example of how the 90’ wore crop tops.

In 2010 ’90 crop top trend revivaled.

This trends becomes bigger and bigger everyday. In past, they were trendy in summer time now they are very popular in winter. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid are often spotted in crop tops.

Crop tops are so comfortable and chic for casual and formal events.

I see a lot of ladies wearing cropped tops, T-shirts and tees on the streets. For example you can wear it with tulle skirts and sneakers but it depends on the occasion and place. For example you can’t wear it with sneakers in a formal party.

You can find crop tops in many different colors, fabrics and cuts. I have a few crop tops in my online store. You can check out from here.

 If you are still not sure to wear crop tops, you can check my ‘4 Ways to Wear Crop Tops’ from here.

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